Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop
Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop

Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop

Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop

Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop is the Best Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop. Using a Point of Sale for your Candy shop is the best decision. 

Using high-quality billing software or Point of Sale for business is necessary for your business to grow. 

The high-quality and widely used billing software is Prana POS for Candy Shop. 

Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop provides the best experience for users and increases customer satisfaction. Understand all your business activities from a single place with Prana POS. 

A few of the elegant features of Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop 

Stock Management and real-time updates 

Manage all your stock variants, track stock levels, and inventory transfer between stores. You get all your real-time updates everywhere, instantly. 

Cash calculator 

Before closing the day, you can simply add current values by denominations and prana will save totals, variants and counting in shift reports. 

Purchase Inventory 

Know your customers better with complete (in-store & online) purchase history linked to their profile. 

Easy order flow 

We know how easy an order flow should be, with three simple clicks you can go for customer payment and receipt print. This process is quick and easy and make many happy customers. 

In Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop, you have access control where you can easily specify who works at which store for access permissions and roster setup. Administrators get access to all outlets and registers. With the Complete Multi Store Reporting feature, you can generate a holistic report to see the overall business metrics. You can also drill down to store level and also specific variant levels to understand it better. You can access these reports from anywhere in the world. You can manage separate inventories for each and every store location with Prana Point of Sale Advance Inventory Management feature. 

Prana POS billing software supports integrated payments. Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop has all payment integrations like card payments, e-wallet payments, and also UPI payments. Do you prefer to stay with your existing card processing terminal? Prana POS online invoicing supports the usage of Existing Card Terminal. With Prana Point of Sale retail billing software, you can track card payments made using an external card terminal. You can generate Gift cards or Vouchers that customers can use as payment methods. You can track the card or voucher usage and balances. In Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop, you can create and track custom payment types e.g., Cheques. 

Benefits of using Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop 

  • Power consumption can be reduced  
  • No confusion  
  • Payments are secure  
  • Evidence for transactions  
  • Time-saving  
  • Hardware costs can be reduced  
  • Quick and easy process.  
  • Instant billing  
  • Space costs can be reduced 

Manage every aspect of your business with absolute data and transaction security. Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop has a 360 Degree customization facility. You have customizable options like receipt format, layouts, categories, tax rules, and more. Prana runs as per your customization and gives you precise outputs. You can find all our step-by-step knowledge-based docs and user guides available online in Knowledge bank. The Prana support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email and live chat. We have a good set of video tutorials to help you and your team to get started with Prana Point of Sale (POS).    

eRetail’s Prana Point of Sale Software for Candy Shop is available for free for 30 days. There is a Free 30-day Trial period where you can try the best billing software Prana POS for free.  

Register here for a free trial. 


 To know more about eRetail’s Prana POS, please visit  


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