Our Policies

Our Policies

Quality Policy

eRetail Cybertech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide point of sales, e-commerce, inventory and warehouse management product & services that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations by,

  • Providing best in class, highly scalable and futuristic technology products & solutions
  • Continuous adaptation and internalization of industry best practices
  • Enhancing the competencies of human resource
  • Ensuring quality objectives are established
  • Ensuring compliance to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We shall review Quality Management System for continual improvement

Information Security Policy

We at eRetailCybertech Pvt. Ltd, are committed for the Information Security in providing point of sales, e-commerce, inventory and warehouse management software products & services by ensuring that:

  • Confidentiality of information is assured
  • Integrity of information is maintained.
  • Information is made available only to authorized users as and when required
  • Information is protected against unauthorized access
  • Information security objectives are established
  • Contractual, Statutory, Regulatory and Legislative requirements with respect to information security are complied with.

We shall review the Information Security management systems for continual improvement

Conduct & Behaviour Policy

Employees are expected to maintain decorum and conduct themselves with diligence and integrity.
  • The Employee must devote his/her full time and attendance during working hours for the company.
  • The Employee will immediately inform the company of any other business interests or secondary employment in which the Employee is involved.
  • The Employee must not, either directly or indirectly, receive or accept for his/her own benefit or the benefit of any person other than the Employer, any gratuity, emolument, or payment of any kind from any person having or intending to have any business with the company.
  • The Employee must not engage in corrupt practices by offering, paying, promising to pay or authorizing the giving of value shall be prohibited, including to officials, politicians or other persons whom the Employee has cause to know will forward such value to such persons or make payment, or offer of payment made to influence an act or decision by a politician, official, or political party to assist in obtaining, retaining, or directing business to any person.
  • No false or artificial entries shall be made in any books/records of the company, for any reasons; nor shall an Employee engage in any arrangement or create invoices that result in such prohibited acts.
  • No direct/indirect payment on behalf of the company shall be approved or made with the intention or understanding that a part, or all of such payment, is to be used for any purpose other than that described by the document supporting the payment. Any Employee having information or knowledge of any unrecorded fund/asset or any prohibited questionable nature should be referred to the Finance & Accounts Department or to the company’s directors.


Restrictions of activities by Employees:

The Employee shall;


  1. Not post information regarding or relating to the company on any forum (including but not limited to a social media site) without the express written authority from the management/reporting manger;
  2. Not use Company’s name or reputation to make decisions on purchases, for personal gain; and
  3. not receive or give any gift or benefit from purchasing or sponsorship received from any of the company’s suppliers and shall obtain approval from the Company before accepting and retaining any such gift, benefit or sponsorship.

Whistle Blower Policy

  1. Purpose
    At eRetail Cybertech Pvt Ltd, we are committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity across all business units. The purpose of this policy is to encourage Board of Directors, staff (paid and volunteer) and others including suppliers and vendors of eRetail Cybertech, to report suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical, or inappropriate events (behaviours or practices) without retribution.
  2. Scope
    This policy applies to all the employees of “eRetail Cybertech” including permanent, temporary and contractual(direct/indirect).
    Wrongful conduct includes but are not limited to the following:
    • Financial or non-financial malpractice – fraud, corruption, bribery, theft, money laundering
    • Harassment, abuse and misinterpretation of power and authority
    • Non-compliance with laws and regulation’s
    • Any conduct that may be detrimental to the health and safety of an individual or the environment
    • Discrimination based on age, religion, race, sexual orientation or disabilities
    • Serious conflict of interest without disclosure
    • Breach of eRetail Cybertech bylaws, policies or internal controls, including the Data Protection Policy
  3. Guiding Principles
  4. To ensure that this Policy is adhered to, and to assure that the concern will be acted upon seriously, the Company will:
    • Ensure that the Whistle blower and/or the person processing the Protected Disclosure is not victimized for doing so
    • Treat victimization as a serious matter, including initiating disciplinary action on person/(s) indulging in victimization.
    • Ensure complete confidentiality.
    • Not attempt to conceal evidence of the Protected Disclosure.
    • Take disciplinary action, if anyone destroys or conceals evidence of the Protected Disclosure made/to be made
    • Provide an opportunity of being heard to the persons involved especially to the subject.
  5. Procedure for Reporting and Dealing with Disclosures
    • Any employee, contractor, vendor, supplier or any other party who finds any unfair practice or malpractice may make a written disclosure of the same to eRetail Cybertech at [email protected]
    • If the employee is unwilling or unable to disclose in writing, he/she may approach his/her superior or any other employee for making a written summary of the employee’s disclosure.
    • The Management will form a committee to take the necessary actions through investigations.
    • The committee will have right to call for any information/document and examination of any employee or other person(s), as they may deem appropriate for the purpose of conducting investigation under this policy.
    • A report will be prepared after completion of investigation and will consider the same. After considering the report, the committee will determine the cause of action and may order for remedies as they deem fit.
  6. Management Actions on False Disclosures
    An employee who knowingly makes false allegations of unethical & improper practices or alleged wrongful conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, in accordance with eRetail Cybertech’s rules, policies and procedures. Further, this policy may not be used as a defence by an employee against whom an adverse personnel action has been taken independent of any disclosure made by him and for legitimate reasons or cause under eRetail Cybertech rules and policies.
  7. Confidentiality
    eRetail Cybertech will treat all disclosures in a confidential and sensitive manner. The identity of the individual making the allegation will be kept confidential so long as it does not hinder or frustrate any investigation. However, the investigation process may require the individual making the disclosure to provide a statement as evidence.
  8. Appeal / Escalations
    • In case the aggrieved employee is not satisfied with the action taken, he/she may prefer an appeal to the Management / CEO. The direction so passed by the Management will be final and binding.