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FlexiPOS-Basic is a flexible Point of Sale for Standalone stores, Mon & Pop stores, Mini-supermarkets, etc which need a basic version with the necessary options. FlexiPOS is designed to work on online and offline capabilities to ensure that your billing and store operations function seamlessly enabling software not to suffer from severe down hassles. FlexiPOS-Basic allows doing billing quickly and less waiting time for customer.

With FlexiPOS solution you can always expect more

  • Create various levels of operations and assign access rights to users. 
  • Billing possibly even if server/network is not working. 
  • Provision to enable /disable discount on discounted items. 
  • Option to select from three types of receipt formats. 
  • Define default currency. 
  • Support any OPOS/ UPOS peripheral. 
  • Connect to different hardware like Weighing scale, Barcode printer, Customer display, and many more. 
  • Related MIS reports are generated accurately.

Excellent Features made FlexiPOS A Winner

These words are hard to come by in today’s demanding hospitality environments. Today’s industry demands that you have tight control over food and labor costs, increased customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency, all while you’re holding down the competition and learning to analyze the growing amount of information required to properly manage your business.

FlexiPos Basic software is designed to alleviate the burden of information overload without the loss of powerful features you have come to expect from world-class leading-edge software solutions.


Absolutely yes! Flexipos basic do support primary barcode scanning. It has all the minimal functionality to run the process.

Flexipos basic has a reasonable number of front-end features. We mainly focused on a better user experience for the operator and the admin. It consists of font modification, multi-level totaling ,mouse-free feature,item-based barcode scanning, past void data,refund ,reprint,discounts,loyalty program, price override ,quantity override,pause, deposit function,search ,repeat ,quantity mode,Pay in/out ,print invoice,tendering,multiple currency,standby function,User-defined messages,POS keyboard mapping,Hourly sales report,X-reading report,z-reading report.

Flexipos basic can integrate standard billing hardware. It can also integrate a good number of external devices.

Flexipos basic report system will allow you to quickly and efficiently track limited cash flow that cycles through your business, Our report is easy and efficient. You can have a limited set of reports with Flexipos basic, you can multi-filter reports in Flexipos software.

Flexipos Basic is a kind of minimal viable product. Generally, this opts for a fitment test for a retail business. You cannot expect many updates as we suggest you to upgrade to Flexipos.

When you commit to implementing a new Flexipos basic software, you want to make sure the individual handling cash flow, actually knows how it works. Our interface is simple and can be handled by a layman. Anyways we support you by providing training. We also provide you access to process videos on our youtube channel.

Flexipos basic will be covered with regular support during the warranty period of one year.

All major changes in the industry are promptly updated in Flexipos basic. Flexipos basic to support the GST billing system.

A flexipos basic cant support a multi-store or a store chain. But you can upgrade to Flexipos for a multi-store.

Flexipos basic is designed in such a way that, it helps you out with minimal requirements. And this cant support you with the discount and loyalty function. We suggest you upgrade to Flexipos for loyalty, discount, and many such features.

We do provide you the free trial access for 15 days for a new user. But you can only access the Flexipos basic version. Anyways upon upgrading, you can access the Flexipos fully.

Our expert development team is happy to take on new things and challenges. Will consider all relevant information from your end and will customize it accordingly. However, the basic version can’t be customized, and we suggest you upgrade to flexipos for any customization.

Be it a fine dining restaurant, QSR, Supermarket, Bookstore, Ice Cream outlet, apparel store, bookstore, Fruits and Vegetable outlet, Fish and Meat store, or Wine store to name a few. We are here to help you out with any retail outlet.

Flexipos basic provides you minimal features which have limitations like transactions, features, and support. Flexipos basic supports for a very new single retail shop. We recommend you Flexipos.