Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop
Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop

Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop

Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop

Prana Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop is the Best Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop. Using a Point of Sale for your Sweet shop is the best decision. 

Using high-quality billing software or Point of Sale for business is necessary for your business to grow. 

The high-quality and widely used billing software is Prana POS for Sweet Shop. 

Prana Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop provides the best experience for users and increases customer satisfaction. Understand all your business activities from a single place with Prana POS. 

A few of the elegant features of Prana Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop 

Kitchen Order Ticket Management

The setting of kitchens and KOT for menu categories  and different kitchens can be done seamlessly.

BOM/Recipe Management

Configure recipes for all your menu items to track the consumption of your raw materials

CYO – Choose Your own

CYO is the feature to create flavors and toppings for your menu items and this gives your customers the option to select their choice of items

Contactless Ordering

Customers can now order their food using the contact-less process and get their food brought to their place without any hassle

Prana Quick Service Restaurant POS is a cloud-based Quick Service POS software. You can access it from anywhere in the world. Takeaway, delivery, and online orders can be managed easily with Prana Takeaway POS. From Menu Kitchen linking to Barcode setup, Prana self-service POS provides everything. It integrates with online aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, and Dotpe. Multiple kitchens and Multiple stores can be added. Technologize your Business with Prana POS for fast food. Product images can be uploaded to the products in Prana Quick Service POS. You can set up barcodes for the products. Prana self-checkout Point of Sale provides the facility of printing or emailing the transaction. Prana Quick Service Restaurant POS software supports multiple payment options.

QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurants. QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurants. Many restaurants are opting for QSR. Prana POS for QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) is specially designed to meet all your requirements for Quick Service Restaurants. In Prana QSR software for restaurants, we implement the PAY FIRST-EAT LATER method where the customer orders a food item and pays for it. The customer receives the token after the payment. After receiving the token, the customer receives the food item which he has ordered. The Kitchen department hands over the food to the customer. The customer has the option to decide whether to have the food at the outlet or he can take it. Prana Quick Service POS is reliable. 

Benefits of using Prana Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop 

  • Power consumption can be reduced  
  • No confusion  
  • Payments are secure  
  • Evidence for transactions  
  • Time-saving  
  • Hardware costs can be reduced  
  • Quick and easy process.  
  • Instant billing  
  • Space costs can be reduced 

Prana POS for QSR can be configured on multiple devices such as Android, IOS & Windows platforms. Prana QSR POS is compatible with all devices. It gives a smooth and coherent experience to all the users. Prana Quick Service POS is well-organized and maintains uniformity. Whether you use the web app, android device, windows device, or iPad, you get to enjoy the seamless experience that Prana Point of Sale for QSR offers you. You can download our App from Play store, App store, and Microsoft store. Sell anywhere with any device using Prana POS for Quick Service Restaurant.  Prana QSR POS works in offline mode too. 

eRetail’s Prana Point of Sale Software for Sweet Shop is available for free for 30 days. There is a Free 30-day Trial period where you can try the best billing software Prana POS for free.  

Register here for a free trial. 


 To know more about eRetail’s Prana POS, please visit  


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