POS Software for Restaurant

Managing a restaurant is a herculean task. There are many things, that, if mismanaged can result in a steep drop in sales revenue. From managing the tables, and timely order delivery, to inventory and quality control, a restaurant owner is always heavily loaded with responsibilities. What if we were to offer you a powerful wonder tool to manage your restaurant?

eRetail Tech brings you the all-in-one Flexi F&B management software to keep your food business ahead of others. Our single software dashboard can be accessed via a computer or the mobile app, allowing you to manage your restaurant operations with maximum control & impact.

Flexi F&B Restaurant Retail system offers you

Seamless Table Management:

Our restaurant management software lets you keep a track of the occupied and vacant tables on the premises. You can also track the time that elapses since the order and ensure faster delivery.

Sales tracking:

Easily track all the sales, payment methods, and transactions to track your business growth. Know what menu items are popular, how customers prefer to pay, and so on.

Boosted Operational Efficiency:

Simply create an order, and wirelessly print it in the kitchen. Keep a track of all the orders under preparation.

Seamless Delivery Management:

Worry no more about your delivery orders. Visualize your riders’ status, and allot deliveries accordingly. Efficient resource & time management begins with us.

Manage multiple order channels:

Manage menu orders via online, offline, or mobile apps from a single console.

Inventory Management

Keep a track of all the raw materials and the material in hand, and the respective vendors. Never lose sales with the unavailability of the menu items!

Detailed Reports:

Get detailed business reports on the go with our restaurant Software. Track revenue, popular items, and customer preferences to design your next successful marketing campaign.

Besides the above-mentioned features, our system offers you many more key benefits with its thoughtful architecture.

Constant restaurant sales & top-notch management are difficult to run in parallel. Though, Flexi F&B Restaurant Software boosts your odds of exceptional performance with its powerful features. Managing an operation-intensive food business easily is now a reality. Get one to grow your restaurant today!