Widely used Point of Sale POS for Bakeries
Widely used Point of Sale POS for Bakeries

Widely used Point of Sale POS for Bakeries

Widely used Point of Sale POS for Bakeries

Prana POS is Widely used Point of Sale POS for Bakeries. Prana Bakery POS software allows you to manage orders at a Highspeed. Among many, one of the features of Prana Quick Service Restaurant POS software is KDS, which stands for Kitchen Display System. It is a digital screen that replaces printed or handwritten orders in commercial kitchens. Other features include role access level, where you can control access permissions thereby providing security. You can manage your Prana QSR Point of Sale software from anywhere on the globe, as it is cloud-based. Prana Bakery POS provides the best experience for users and increases customer satisfaction. Understand all your QSR activities from a single place in Prana Quick Service POS. 

 Features of Prana QSR 

  • Hierarchy (5 levels)  
  • Menu  
  • Tax  
  • Vendor  
  • Customer  
  • User  
  • Role Access Level  
  • Multiple Payment Types  
  • Product Image Upload  
  • Barcode Setup  
  • Recipe Management 
    Unit of Measurement (UOM) 
  • Language Description 
  • Menu Kitchen Linking 
  • Purchase Order 
  • Goods Received Note (GRN) 
  • Purchase Return 
  • Stock Write Off 
  • Stock Take 
  • Sale Price Change 
  • Transaction Print/email 
  • Sales Report 
  • Media Report 
  • Credit Customer Report 
  • Bill Summary Report 
  • Hourly Sales Report 
  • Bill Wise Details 
  • KOT Report 
  • Food Cost Report 
  • Loyalty 

Prana Bakery POS gives you a clear understanding of the stock by giving you the option to manage separate inventory for each and every store location. One of the attractive features of the Prana fast food POS system is you have the option to select Language Description where you can choose any language to print the invoice. All the tasks can be finished rapidly with Prana Takeaway POS software. You can manage multiple stores in the Prana Bakery POS system which is time-saving, quick, and easy. You can win repeat business by running a powerful & flexible loyalty rewards program. Gladden your customers by giving them a smooth experience which is possible only with Prana Takeaway POS software for fast food.  

Inventory & Dump Management is another best feature in Prana POS for fast food. The best POS for QSR is Prana Bakery Point of Sale as it allows you to know the actual stock position of your products and you can maintain your inventory in real-time. CYO stands for Choose Your Own. With the CYO feature, the customer gets the option to create flavors and toppings for the menu items, and customers can choose as per the customer’s taste and choice. Through BOM (Bill of Materials) / Recipe Management, you can configure recipes for all your menu items and Prana Bakery POS gives you the option to track the consumption of your raw materials. 

Prana POS is the most popular Point of Sale. Explore all the features by trying Prana POS for free.

eRetail’s Prana POS is available for free for 30 days. There is a Free 30-day Trial period where you can try the best billing software Prana POS for free.  

Register here for a free trial. 


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