Win sales with Body Language in Retail
Win sales with Body Language in Retail

Win sales with Body Language in Retail

How to win sales with body language in retail

Do you know that 55% of our language is non-verbal? 

Body Language is essential in retail industry. Maintaining proper body language is important as people notice your body language.

Win sales with Body Language in Retail

Firm Headshake 

Your headshake shouldn’t be loose nor tight. A firm headshake with eye contact shows your confidence.  

Hand gestures 

Do not rest your hands on the table. Always keep your arms open and loose. This indicates a welcoming attitude. Folding your arms over your chest indicates that you are closing yourself off from the other person. 

Don’t make awful expressions 

Expressions like Frowning and Scowling show that you are bored. So, it is better to avoid making such expressions. 

Lift the sternum and lean forward  

The sternum is the flat bone at the front center of your chest. Lifting the sternum and leaning forward (just a bit) creates a positive impression. 

Smile and maintain eye contact 

A genuine smile maintains eye contact. This indicates positivity and confidence in you. 

Stand side by side 

Always stand side by side instead of standing face to face. This shows that you are friendly. 

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