What is the cost of Billing Software
What is the cost of Billing Software

What is the cost of Billing Software

What is the cost of Billing Software

Cloud point of sale billing software dashboard of POS for QSR page for windows desktop and tablet view

eRetail Cybertech provides Billing Software to the retail industry.   

Billing Software is also called a Point of Sale (POS). Billing Software completes the transaction quickly and accurately. Once the customer pays the bill, the transaction is successful and the billing process is completed.  

Do you know about the best Billing Software in India?  

Prana Billing Software – “The Most Trusted Billing Software in India “   

Prana Billing Software provides access to real-time sales data and inventory tools. 

Customer data management is easy with Prana Billing Software. 

Prana Billing Software allows you to access all business data from anywhere in the world.  

Business owners are switching to Billing Software for their Business growth.  

Human errors can be minimized.  

All the tedious business tasks are operated smoothly with Prana Billing Software.  

Prana free billing software is available for all the segments in the Retail and F&B industries 


  • Apparel Store 
  • Kirana Store 
  • Food Court 
  • Wine Shop 
  • Pet Store 
  • Departmental 
  • Takeaway 
  • Pizza and CYO 
  • Coffee Shop 
  • Canteen 
  • Gift & Souvenir 
  • Book Shop 
  • Fruits and Veg 
  • Pickup and Delivery 
  • Supermarket 
  • Footwear shop 
  • Restaurant 
  • Bakery 

Benefits of using Prana Billing software 

  • Power consumption can be reduced  
  • No confusion  
  • Payments are secure  
  • Evidence for transactions  
  • Time-saving  
  • Hardware costs can be reduced  
  • Quick and easy process.  
  • Instant billing  
  • Space costs can be reduced 


Manage every aspect of your business with absolute data and transaction security. Prana Billing software has a 360 Degree customization facility. You have customizable options like receipt format, layouts, categories, tax rules, and more. Prana runs as per your customization and gives you precise outputs. You can find all our step-by-step knowledge-based docs and user guides available online in Knowledge bank. The Prana support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email and live chat. We have a good set of video tutorials to help you and your team to get started with Prana Point of Sale (POS).   


Prana Billing Software is very easy to use. A complete Demo is given and all the tutorials on Prana Billing Software are available on Youtube and eRetail website.  



Try Prana Billing Software for free. 

You will get to know more about Prana Free billing software and its features. You will understand how Prana Free billing software benefits your business. 

Try Prana free billing software for your business. 


The Billing software cost differs with the version you subscribe for. There are 3 versions. Basic, Standard and Corporate versions. 

Here is the link to know about Pricing: 

1. Basic

Single Store
Basic Store Management
Point Of Sale
Basic Inventory
Basic Report

2. Standard

Multiple StoreAdvance Store Management
Point Of Sale
Advance Inventory
Advance Report

3. Corporate

All Basic Features
All Standard Features
Includes WMS
Includes CRM
Integrated Payments And Wallets


 To know more about eRetail’s Prana POS, please visit  




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