What is the best billing software for a small business
What is the best billing software for a small business

What is the best billing software for a small business

What is the best billing software for a small business

Cloud point of sale billing software dashboard of POS for QSR page for windows desktop and tablet view

The best billing software for small businesses is Prana billing software. 

Entire cash flow is managed:

Prana POS retail point of sale software provides a Cash Float feature where the entire cash flow is managed. The cash is added and removed with denominations from the drawer. Control Access Levels & Roles in Prana POS. Hierarchical access and approvals are easy. You decide what your staff can see in the Prana POS billing software for PC dashboard. Effectively log all changes and transactions with individual login staff PIN. Sum up Sum-up daily closure and reports like total sales of products, payment types, and also transactions. You can find all available filters for sales and returns. With the Cash Calculator feature, you can simply add current values by denominations before closing the day. Prana billing software will save totals, variants, and counting in shift reports. 

Scale easily and quickly:

Prana POS helps you to scale easily and quickly. It takes only minutes to set up the POS and you can start using the new store POS. Manage all your customer profiles easily in Prana Point of Sale. Prana POS billing software for PC supports bulk importing where you have the option to bulk import the data. Bring your existing customers list to Prana billing software for PC with easy CSV import. 

 Track all payments:

You can track all payments and transactions including cash, cards, gift cards, sales, and returns. You can refund past orders to the customer using the original payment method. In Prana POS billing software for retail shops, you can view the order history by simply scanning the order receipt of the past order or you can search it using customer or order numbers. Know your customers better with complete (in-store & online) purchase history linked to their profile. With the Loyalty Rewards feature in Prana POS retail point of sale software, you can run a powerful & flexible loyalty rewards program and win repeat business.   

Analyses the business data:

Prana Point of Sale (POS) analyses the business data and gives you suggestions to boost your sales, service quality, and cost. In the order notes section, you can include specific notes for a particular order, so that tracking the special requests would be easier. Hold or Resume Orders can be fulfilled. You can park lay by orders with partial and periodic payments also. Order flow is easy.   

 Access control:

In Prana POS billing software, you have access control where you can easily specify who works at which store for access permissions and roster setup. Administrators get access to all outlets and registers. With the Complete Multi Store Reporting feature, you can generate a holistic report to see the overall business metrics. You can also drill down to store level and also specific variant level to understand it better. You can access these reports from anywhere in the world. You can manage separate inventories for each and every store location with Prana Point of Sale Advance Inventory Management feature. 

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