What is Ecommerce Platform
What is Ecommerce Platform

What is Ecommerce Platform

What is E-commerce Platform

Cloud point of sale billing software dashboard of POS for QSR page for windows desktop and tablet view

E-commerce Platform is a digital platform for merchants and consumers to connect and do business in a secure and efficient manner. With e-commerce platform, you can manage orders, inventory, and marketing to ensure your customers are satisfied. 

 Do you want to build your own e-commerce website? 

 Let’s do this with Prana Go E-Commerce Platform. Prana Go e-commerce platform takes your business to the next level! We understand that running a business isn’t easy, so we’ve created a customer-centric design that’s tailor-made for entrepreneurs like you. Take control of your business and start selling online. Create your own Digital store and start selling products today Make customer engagement easier with a single dashboard to keep track of conversations and interactions. Let go of the business stress and allow Prana Go E-Commerce Platform to take care of the rest. Prana Go lets you Work smarter, not harder! 

Take your business to the next level and explore the exciting world of digital store management with Prana Go E-Commerce Platform! One dashboard to rule them all. Now you can engage with customers and keep them coming back for more! Prana Go E-Commerce Platform provides you with a personalized experience tailored to your needs. Prana Go E-Commerce Platform focuses on more than just selling. It helps you reach your full potential in your business. Do not let technology limit your growth. Invest in Prana Go E-Commerce Platform, which scales with your online business, and watch your business soar. Do you have a Physical store and want to switch to Phygital? No worries! Prana Go E-Commerce Platform is integrated with Prana POS and provides seamless experience to the users. 

Stay organized and watch your business grow with Prana Go. Prana Go makes it easy to stay connected with your customers, all in one place! We’ve got everything you need for the perfect shopping experience. Prana Go E-Commerce Platform makes sure your digital store is perfectly managed, and you’ll be well on your way to setting up an ideal digital store for your business. Managing your Digital store just got a whole lot easier with Prana Go E-Commerce Platform! Ramp up your business operations and enjoy an effortless and stress-free experience. Start your journey to success today by building your online business with Prana Go E-Commerce Platform.  

Customers can download Customer App and get access to the online store. Available on Android, iOS and Windows. Running a business can be overwhelming, but with Prana Go E-Commerce Platform, you can focus on what you do best and leave the stress! 

 Benefits of using Prana Go E-Commerce Platform 

  • Easy Business Setup  
  • Promotion Management 
  • Customer Management 
  • Seller Management 
  • Delivery Partners Management 
  • Seller Product Management 
  • Employee Management 
  • User Management 
  • Order Management 
  • Product Management 
  • In-house Product Management 

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