What are 3 different types of billing software
What are 3 different types of billing software

What are 3 different types of billing software

What are 3 different types of billing software

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Billing Software is also called Point of Sale (POS). It is the time and place where the transaction is completed between owner and customer. The customer picks out the item from the store and goes to the counter to pay the bill. The merchant calculates the amount and prepares an invoice. The customer pays the bill for the items. Once the customer pays the bill, the exchange of the goods between the merchant and the customer is successful. 

 Mobile Billing Software 

Mobile Billing Software is Billing Software that works with a smartphone.  A mobile transaction application should be downloaded. Transactions are made with a credit or debit card reader. All mobile devices can be used as a point-of-sale system. Mobile Billing Software is portable and it does not take up much space. 

Mobile Billing Software is the best option for small companies. An Internet connection and a mobile device is all you need to have access to your point of sale. 

As the data is stored in the cloud, you can operate it anywhere and anytime. This is suitable for business people who travel a lot.    

Desktop Billing Software 

Desktop Billing Software operates on a computer/laptop. We can use an app, browser, or an on-premises system. It is connected to a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, a card swiper, so it performs just like a normal cash register.  

Desktop Billing Software is suitable for large retail businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, fashion stores etc. 

Tablet Billing Software 

Tablet Billing Software is the same as mobile Billing Software. Both are installed on the devices with any optional attachments (card swiper/receipt printer). Tablets have bigger screens when compared to mobiles.  

Tablet Billing Software is most commonly used in coffee shops, gift shops, art galleries, etc. 

In a self-service terminal case, the client performs their own transactions to purchase a product or a service. Businesses with a large clientele have to make quick transactions and may want to purchase that kind of terminal. However, it may not be ideal for every business, but this terminal type is interesting for grocery stores, theatres and fast-food chains for example.  

Self-service Billing Software is typically used for ticket sales, parking, patient check-in, etc. 

The main purpose of this system is to make operations more efficient while saving on manpower for businesses. 


  • Increase efficiency 
  • Time-saving 
  • Increase revenue 
  • Allows Personalization purchases


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Prana Billing Software is suitable for all devices like mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Prana billing software is used for Small, Medium & Large-scale enterprises. Prana billing software is flexible. It is the perfect billing software for all business sizes. 

Prana billing software is everything you need. 


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