India’s No.1 Billing Software for Restaurants
India’s No.1 Billing Software for Restaurants

India’s No.1 Billing Software for Restaurants

India’s No.1 Billing Software for Restaurants

Restaurants use billing software for efficient and smooth operations. 

  • Fine dining restaurants are full-service restaurants that provide a restaurant experience with specific meal courses. 
  • The table is allocated to the customers accordingly.  
  • Fine Dining includes high-quality food, delightful ambiance and decor. 
  • The waitstaff takes the order and brings the ordered food items to the table.  
  • The food is served by the trained staff formally.  
  • From assigning the table to the billing process, the trained staff takes care of everything. 

Prana Fine Dining Point of Sale is exclusively designed for Fine Dining businesses like restaurants, hotels, etc. which provide a fine dining experience.   

Prana Fine Dining Point of Sale provides many functionalities like customer order management, Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) printing, inventory management, contactless ordering, etc. One of the best features in Prana Fine Dining Point of Sale is the contactless ordering feature. Customer orders include starters, juices, main courses, ice creams, etc. that are provided by the different food departments respectively. The staff takes customer orders that directly get updated to the Kitchen department and other departments. The service is quick and the customers’ waiting time is reduced. With contactless ordering, handwritten orders are eliminated as handwritten orders may lead to confusion. 

Prana Fine Dining Point of sale POS provides Table booking and Table reservation features. Customers can see all the available tables and booked tables. Customers can choose the table of their choice as per availability. They can select a table among the available tables and the tables can be split or combined as per the requirement. Tables can be chosen in the garden area, AC Hall, or on any of the floors. This feature allows customers to pick their favorite spot in the restaurant/ hotel and eat happily. This feature increases customer satisfaction and makes customers happy. The customer retention rate also increases. 

When individual customers are assigned the same table, splitting bills is necessary. Splitting the bills manually is time-consuming. Prana Fine Dining Point of Sale billing software reduces the hassle of splitting the bills manually. Prana Fine Dining POS manages and splits the bills for you. Split billing feature is the most needed feature when customers visit in groups for lunch or dinner. Make your customers happy by splitting the bills instantly. Prana Fine Dining Point of Sale is a cloud based POS that supports multiple kitchens and multiple stores. It performs all the tasks flawlessly and definitely.   

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