Choose the best POS for your Footwear shop
Choose the best POS for your Footwear shop

Choose the best POS for your Footwear shop

Choose the best POS for your Footwear shop

Do you have a Footwear shop? 

Managing inventory would be easier if Point of Sale is incorporated in your footwear shop.  

eRetail’s Prana POS is the best Point of sale for your footwear business.  

Prana POS can be used from a small single Footwear Store to a large chain of Footwear stores. With Prana POS, you can handle huge inventories and tracking is easy with a simple set of modules. Provision to enter Shoe size, color, Price, Style, Model No. etc., helps to point to the location of the item in the store easily. 

Prana Point of Sale has a cool and elegant user interface. As Prana POS billing software is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS), it works offline/online. Prana POS retail point of sale software hosts on the cloud and data syncs to the central database automatically. In case of internet fluctuations, your data syncs automatically when your internet is back. You can access all your stores from any device. Stay connected with your business transactions from the shop floor or beyond, anytime, anywhere. Prana POS billing software lets you add inventory, simplify sales and manage stocks. 

Prana Point of Sale automates tedious business tasks. Save time and minimize human errors with Prana cloud-based POS billing software. Importing & Exporting is easy in Prana POS billing software. 

Do you want to try Prana POS for your business? 

There is a Free 30-day Trial period where you can try the best billing software Prana POS for free.   

Register here for a free trial. 

 To know more about eRetail’s Prana POS, please visit 

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