Advancements in the Retail Industry
Advancements in the Retail Industry

Advancements in the Retail Industry

Advancements in the Retail Industry

New technologies are taking the retail industry to new heights. 

With Retail Personalization, you can give a personalized consumer marketing experience to your customers.  


Some of the Advancements in the Retail Industry are: 

Face recognition 

Shoplifting is the theft of goods from a retail store. Face recognition technology is a boom to the retail industry as it prevents shoplifting,  

Big Data and Data Analytics 

  With Data analytics and big data, you can understand customer behavior and their buying pattern. You can offer promotional discounts as per the data. 

Internet of Things (IoT) 

With IoT devices, you can automate everything. Automation of checkout systems can be done using IoT technology. Examples: Smart stores, Smart transportation etc.  

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

Product categorization in retail can be done with the help of Machine Learning.  Customers can upload images and find similar products based on colors, shapes, and patterns. 

Artificial Intelligence technology is widely used in Supply chain management and logistics.  

Voice commerce 

Voice commerce is the future of e-commerce. With voice commerce technology, you can use your voice to search for products online. No need for you to type on a keyboard or touchscreen. You can give commands or ask a question to your digital voice assistant through voice. 

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