The faster your company grows, more the data, the more complex it will become to handle it all efficiently. Often organizations struggle due to lack of centralized product information repository leading to losses. Retailers especially need single source of product information where there are multichannel retail operations into function.

eRetail has an effective solution through its efficient FlexiHO Product Information Management application designed to integrate your Head office / corporate office to your retail chain, extensions or franchises. Using FlexiHo, you can manage all the information and functions including purchases can be made centrally from the head office with the receipts made at the warehouse. FlexiHO can be connected to the FlexiWare ( eRetail’s warehouse management solution ) which in turn is connected to FlexiPos store software and even if any extra applications pop up system will be updated automatically. FlexiHO provides a strong backbone as the data is synchronized from all the stores and warehouse and available at a single point in Head office and enabling uniformity while creating new products.

Using FlexiHO all retail data, plus the back-office information, is integrated and distributed to merchanding system, point-of-sale, contact center, warehouse, franchises, partners, suppliers and venders and cross-channel operations as per your interest.

FlexiHO Benefits:

1. No Time Wasted On Multiple Data Entry.
2. Data Quality- Eliminates business risks of mismatched product details and prices.
3. Improved Multichannel Sales.
4. Improved Online To Offline Sales.
5. Launching of new products will be fast and easy.
6. Efficient Supplier Cooperation
7. Strategic Product Management allows monitoring product wise real-time market performance.
8.Marketing Support for retail marketing professionals.

FlexiHO Features:

• Store/location details
• Currency details
• Category/Departments
• Tax details
• SKU/Product details
• PLU (Price look up unit, in case of multiple pricing for a single SKU)
• Kit definition
• Creation of Group/Department/Category/Sub Category/Brands
• Supplier/Manufacturer details
•Reasons entry
• Declaration master
• Inventory
• Setting of Threshold percentage at Department level and SKU level
• Purchase order (optional)
•Centralized MIS reports
• Promotions based on date range, specific location and all location
•Buy one get x free
•Multi pack discount

General features:
•Create various levels of operation and assign access rights to users
•Provision to enable/disable discount on discounted items
•Provision to enable/disable discount on promotional items


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