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The ultimate key to all the challenges of your Supermarket or a Departmental Store or a Kirana Store is the tech giant FlexiPos Software Services. It is an ultimate solution key to all your queries including supervision of the crucial data & information of the products, keeping a track of quantity left, new orders to make as per the present availability and current demand, the expiration date of all the products, the regular offs and discounts over the products provided by the company & brand, a precise updating and regular maintenance in records so that the store businesses work appropriately with precision. Tech Giant FlexiPos Software will prove to be the definitive solution key to all your challenges and troubles in the supermarket and departmental stores.

Tech giant FlexiPos Software Services is a renowned & confounding retail management software that can perk up your retail POS & enhance your store operations ambiance and supports a multiple grouping feature that allows the user to divide all of the products of his store into groups and allows an efficient & smooth operation at the work. The software also provides a flawless operational environment that helps the employees to work effectively at a higher speed and hence enhancing the growth of the business by taking it to a higher success level. Moreover, the software also keeps a regular updating of the entire sales while maintaining a track record of the quantity required in the next order and adapts efficiently to all your retail business needs.

FlexiPos has a very simple and robust management system and offers a wide range of features including easily refunding with authorization, bill cancellation, price override and barcode reading ability, repeat function attribute, suspend resume function, and is also capable of overriding and scanning of items on SKU/PLU/EAN. Multiple currency adaptability with no sale function attribute makes its exclusive software in its own way. Other Extensive features include a Locking/unlocking feature for security purposes, a touch screen for easier and fast billing, precise unit conversion to avoid any inconsistency during sales User-friendly screens with big fonts for important figures like Total, Subtotal, and Quantity. Multiple groupings like Product Type, Product Codes, and Numbers play a vital role in enhancing business growth effectively and efficiently.

Tech giant FlexiPos is the right choice to solve any problems and issues efficiently and in a cost-effective manner in Supermarkets or departmental stores or Kirana stores on daily basis operations. The software will also help to grow the business at quite a faster pace by smooth functioning and enhancing the work efficiency of employees. For any assistance please feel free to contact our team.