POS Software for Takeaway

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Takeaway orders form a significant part of any food business. At present busy times, people prefer to order from their favorite restaurant and collect the order on the go. Takeaway order management is, therefore, crucial because the customer’s experience will depend on the speed and quality of the order delivery.

Offering comprehensive POS & Back-office management, Flexi F&B lets you manage your takeaway food orders via an intuitive console. Besides the numerous beneficial features included in the Dine-in option, the major ones for your takeaway restaurant include;

Live Order management:

Create, edit or discard orders as they come. View the menu items, relay online through the kitchen, and manage payments with our robust POS. Track the elapsed time since the order placement, and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Real-time inventory:

Check the availability of items on the menu in real-time. No more blank or canceled orders because of operational chaos.

Track Performance:

Generate detailed reports on your takeaway orders. Know which items are popular and which customers are from your major repeat business.

Quick invoice:

Manage all the payments, transactions, and invoices from a single screen, with in-built tax input and automated calculations.

Mobile Device Access:

You can even manage your takeaway orders via our intuitive mobile app, or with a PC system as per suitability. Stay ahead in managing your food business.

Flexi F&B offers you a robust, powerful, yet simple takeaway management system for your restaurant. Power your food business to grow with us today!