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Sweetshop management calls for accounting for a plethora of items. Usually carrying a dozen more items on the list than a restaurant, inventory management, custom order management, sales, and customer experience become crucial.

To keep your sweet shop profitable, raw material & inventory flow calculations are important factors. Though, tracking them is a tedious task. Not anymore! Flexi F&B Sweet shop management system lets you control and manage your business operations more closely. Flexi F&B can be used by Sweetshop establishments of any size by integrating it with the POS.

Our seamless one-stop solution offers you;

Recipe Management System:

Different items require different inventory items for preparations. Simply manage how many orders of a recipe can be prepared, inventory depletion, and inventory procurement.

Token Generation:

To process orders faster, the token generation option can help sweet shops to manage the sales of multiple items from different categories through a single point. Our software allows you to use this feature for seamless bill tendering and chaos-free customer management.

Weighing Scale Integration:

Flexi F&B can be integrated with the shop’s weighing scale, and generate the bill according to the weight of the item purchased without manual intervention. Simply scan the barcode and you are good to go!

Tare Weight:

Sweets produced in large batch quantities need to be measured for subsequent weight loss. Flexi F&B allows the sweet shop owners to capture the Tare weight of all the batch-produced items to control weight loss & subsequent fluctuation in profits.

Batch Quantity tracking:

If you have a separate production unit for particular items, keep an account of raw materials and their utilization with Flexi F&B Software.

Perishable & Non-perishable:

Sweet shops contain food items that have long as well as short shelf lives. You can mark the long shelf-life items separately for sales, and short shelf-life items can be put on offer to push sales.

Combo Offers:

Combo offers are tricky to manage and tedious to track. The customer gets a choice of multiple items at varying prices. With Flexi F&B, you can create combo offers on the go to manage related functions automatically.

For any growing sweets business, our Software comes highly recommended for smooth operations. Saving on operational & management costs helps you reap better margins and aid in growing your wonderful business. Contact us today for this powerful automated solution.