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Ice Cream Outlets and parlors leave no stone unturned to satisfy their sweet-toothed customers. We are making the task easier for them. Our ‘Create Your Own’ retail module gives you the ability to offer custom made Ice-Creams and Drinks, and simultaneously change the associated functions automatically like the recipe, inventory, pricing, etc.

Flexi F&B CYO is a popular choice of food vendor Software by those businesses offering customer-specific food orders without any hassle. Our Create-Your-Own management module allows Ice-cream parlors and dessert shops to sell items as customized by the client.

Flexi F&B offers you;

Manage Item groups for different recipes:

You can create groups of items that go with a custom recipe. Or, you can create a new group as per the customer’s order. For each item, you can visualize the cost price, quantity, and minimum/maximum limit per order.


You can assign ‘Regular,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘Large’ order pricing to a particular customer’s order. Pricing can only be manipulated via the master admin control.

Loyalty Roll-outs:

Retaining the existing customers is the best strategy for any food business. Flexi F&B allows you to track repeat customers and offer them tailored discounts or schemes.

Set Minimum Sales Price:

You can set the minimum sales price for all the products to maintain profit thresholds and set offer discounts.

Forced Items Inventory:

Essential items that go with the order without incurring any profit or cost recovery can be tracked via the Flexi F&B. This item group usually contains ‘freebies’ like tissue papers, straws, disposables, etc.

Drive your CYO offerings with Flexi F&B for butter-smooth management, and tight operational controls. Install our cutting-edge Software to gain a competitive edge in the food industry today!