POS Software for Canteen

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FlexiF&B software enables canteen operators to easily manage their clients by issuing a pre-paid card system. Using this customers can buy pre-paid cards with different re-charge values. The canteen operator can also provide discounts for pre-paid customers to encourage them to go for the pre-paid system by which cash handling at the POS and change problems can be eliminated. In case the Canteen is located in a corporate company an interface can be given to access the employee card of the corporate house to do the billing. The corporate company can set pre-defined limits for each employee and customers can use the employee card to do the transactions till they exit the credit limit after which they can purchase a pre-paid card or pay by cash. Reports in specified formats can be generated and given to the corporate company for their internal use.

We can also develop an APP to use a smartphone as an e-valet so the purchasing and wear and tear of a plastic card can be eliminated.