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Cloud POS for Retail and F&B Businesses

Prana Cloud POS for Retail and F&B industries is one of the leading cloud POS.  Prana Cloud POS is the top-rated and best Cloud POS that is exclusively designed for all segments of the Retail Industry.

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What is “Prana” Cloud POS

Prana Cloud POS is a cloud-based application that is fast, reliable, flexible, and convenient. Prana Cloud POS automates tedious business tasks and brings fame and respect to your business with its fruitful and profitable features. Prana Cloud POS has well-integrated modules that keep your inventories in check, offering end-to-end solutions from purchase order raising to billing and invoicing, it records and consolidates all information in one place.  

Prana Cloud POS is the Best POS for Retail and F&B Industries

Prana Cloud POS is hosted on the cloud. You can access all your stores from any device as the data syncs to the server automatically. You need not worry about internet fluctuations as Prana Cloud POS works offline and online. When you are offline, your data will sync to the server automatically when the internet is back. 

Prana Cloud POS is suitable for all segments

Prana Cloud POS is perfect-fit for all the segments of Retail and F&B industries like Gift stores, Departmental stores, Apparel, Book store, Kirana store, Wine shop, supermarkets, Pet stores etc. 

Apparel Store
Fruits & Veg
Kirana Store
Pizza & CYO
Pickup & Delivery
Food Court
Coffee Shop
Wine Shop
Footwear Shop
Pet Store
Gift & Souvenir
Book Shop

“Prana Cloud POS” for Small, Medium & Large-scale enterprises

Prana Cloud POS is used for Small, Medium & Large-scale enterprises. Prana Cloud POS is flexible. It is the perfect billing software for all business sizes.  

Pricing of “Prana Cloud POS ”

eRetail’s Prana Cloud POS has more attractive features when compared to other POS Billing Software in the retail industry.

Prana Cloud POS

Prana point of sale billing software dashboard for windows desktop and tablet view

Features of Prana Cloud POS

Prana Cloud POS for your Business

eRetail Cybertech Private Limited provides the best (POS) Point of Sale billing software for the Retail and F&B industries. It also provides (WMS) Warehouse Management Software

Prana Cloud POS Benefits

Inventory Management is easy 

Easy Invoicing process 

Quick Payments 

Easy Customer Management 

Order Management is quick 

Better Customer Experience 

Better Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty 



Cost Reduction 

Increased Revenues 

Able to generate all Reports

Multi-Store Functions 

Employee Management is easy 

Promotion Management is easy 

Efficient and quick Service 

Receive regular Updates 

Access to Data anywhere, anytime 

Simplification of Operations 

Personalization of Customer Purchases 

Increase in Notoriety 

Reduced Errors 

Increased Efficiency 

Technical Support