FlexiMobiles features and benefits


  1. FlexiMobile- KOT application can be integrated into FlexiPOS.
  2. Using KOT application you may directly download the menu, price and other necessary information from the server.
  3. The order placed using FlexiMobile-KOT gets directly saved on the server database and the respective KOT gets printed in the respective kitchen.
  4. Automatic routing of orders to different kitchens / service areas like veg kitchen, non-veg kitchen, beverage bar etc.
  5. Alerts steward when food is ready: Helps in serving hot food thereby reducing the frequent poll-checks done by steward.
  6. FlexiMobile-KOT can be deployed on any Windows CE mobile device.

Key benefits:

  1. With FlexiMobile-KOT implementations your staff need not to go to the kitchen frequently to communicate customer orders. They are required only for order delivery and serving.
  2. Easy menu selection and direct placement of the order into the Kitchen.
  3. No hand billing. No waiting time for bill payment. Your bill gets generated using mobile printer.
  4. Improves table utilization.
  5. Accuracy of billing- Using FlexiMobile-KOT you can track unbilled KOT to make sure every order served is billed