Flexi Mobile


Improves customer satisfaction and over all experience

Improves customer satisfaction and over all experience

eRetail FlexiMobile latest software of its own kind and a boon to Restaurant business. eRetail FlexiMobile is a Restaurant Billing Software developed to keep the owners/managers and customers happy as manpower will be minimised and time taken for giving orders will be marginalised.
FlexiMobile- Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) application used through mobiles and tablets to give orders from the customer’s table to kitchen in no time.

FlexiMobiles features and benefits
FlexiMobile Features:
1. FlexiMobile-KOT application can be integrated into FlexiPOS.
2. KOT application gives access to menu, price and information from server to download.
3. Order placed will be saved in database and respective KOT will be printed in kitchen.
4. Automatic routing or orders in different sections of kitchen.
5. Option of Alert once ordered item is ready.
6. FlexiMobile-KOT application used in any Windows CE mobile device.

1. FlexiMobile-KOT application gives written order without going to kitchen.
2. Automatic routing also helps in direct placement of the order to respective kitchen.
3. No waiting time for bill payment and even no hand bill as bill is generated using mobile printer.
4. Improves table utilization.
5. Accuracy of billing- Using FlexiMobile-KOT you can track unbilled KOT to make sure every order served is billed.


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