Bakery & Sweet Shop

The biggest challenge in the food business is the food cost. This can be achieved by proper management of raw material. FlexiF&B has a very simple and robust recipe management system using which customers can track inventory flow based on sales or production module. The raw materials are tracked based on sales of items at the POS.

In case there is a separate production unit the inventory can be maintained by taking the batch quantity of production. There is a provision to barcode certain long shelf live products for ease of use during sales. Since most of the products are perishable in nature a simple promotion can be setup at various time of day to push sales and clear the perishable items. Another facility offered is that of combo where in multiple products can be combined and sold as a combo item at a discounted price. Another unique feature offered by FlexiF&B is its CYO (choose your own) where in you can select a set if items which can be offered to your clients who has the choice of selecting from the set of items.