Now it’s much easier to get your Retail Business Benefited from FlexiPos: an ardent POS Food & Beverage Retail Software. Flexipos is an attractive retail management Software that is available with wide range of features allowing the customers to tailor it easily in order to fit precisely the needs and requisites of Pizza / CYO, Food Court or a Canteen Shop management. Using this software one can easily prevail over the problems of over purchase, unimpeachable strategy, unaccountable stocks, control & management dilemmas, redundant work, slow pace employees, growing cost etc which mainly encounters in Food & Beverage business. Most prevalent problem of short shelf life of Coffee Shop, Pizza / CYO, Food Court or a Canteen shop can easily be overcome by using cost effective and highly result oriented flexi F&B services which helps in making regular updates and reports to avoid any discrepancy with customers. Flexi F&B is a pinnacle of experience and knowledge providing a practically easy to use POS system to clients for enhancing the work efficiency. Software will also help in maintaining the perfect mix of products and right inventory at your food retail counter while managing the raw material.

All the problems of Pizza / CYO, Food Court or a Canteen, Food & Beverage Shop management can be sought after with one key only – FlexiF&B software services. Software has all qualities from simple to use & user friendly order screens to custom report sets to adaptability & flexibility feature to efficient point of sale attribute. The software keeps a track of the inventory (& raw materials) for the user since most of the products are food items and hence are perishable in nature. A reminder from FlexiF&B will help user to make a simple promotion which can be setup at various times of the day to push sales and clear the perishable items. Another exclusive feature offered by software is its CYO (choose your own) where in the user can select and finalize a set of items which can be offered to the customers as combo packs who can further make a choice of selecting from those set of items. FlexiF&B also supports accurate barcode reading characteristic consequently making the daily basis work for your staff quite simple and fast as well.

FlexiF&B Software services offers a wide range of features including easily refunding with authorization, bill cancellation, price override and barcode reading ability, repeat function attribute, suspend resume function and is also capable of overriding and scanning of items on SKU/PLU/EAN. Multiple currency adaptability with no sale function attribute makes its exclusive software in its own way. Other Extensive features includes Locking/unlocking feature for security purposes, touch screen for easier and fast billing, precise unite conversion to avoid any inconsistency during sale User-friendly screens with big fonts for important figures like, Total, Subtotal, Quantity. Multiple groupings like name of the Food, Bar Code, the Category of item, Date of Expiration etc., plays a vital role in enhancing the business growth effectively and efficiently.

Make a right choice for your business by opting FlexiF&B software services to get an enduring answer to all of your customary nuisances and problems that affect your food retail, , Pizza / CYO.