Ice Cream Yoghurt

The short shelf life of the product makes it important that the customer maintains the right inventory and mix of product at his counter. FlexiPos helps in ordering the right quantity based on his past sales and seasonal requirement. Also the demand of today’s customer in this segment is to freely mix and match products. FlexiF&B has the CYO (choose your own) where in you can select a set if items which can be offered to your clients who has the choice of selecting from the set of items. Tight control on inventory and packing item helps customer in achieving maximum profits.

With many customers selling products by weight the inventory problem is take care by weighing scale integration at the POS which captures the weight accurately dispensing with the manual errors of entry. Also the product is already integrated to most weighing scales with bar code printing. When a customer buys the product at different counter the weighing scale generates the required bar code which can be easily scanned and billed at the POS.