Now you can help turning your gift / Souvenir shop more unique and exceptional with our eminent FlexiPos Software which will prove out to be the definitive key to all your challenges and troubles you and your retail Gift / Souvenir Shop business has to face on day to day basis. FlexiPos proves to be cost effective software by its unique features of solving all your business troubles of lacking data security, incredible agility, accuracy as well as a hassle free operational control with precision and efficiency.

FlexiPos Software Services is an integrated management system solution for making your retail shop more successfully efficient, fast growing and streamlined in POS. Its Key feature includes customer relationship management, inventory management, store operations, employee administration, order fulfillment along with analysis and reporting. Other attributes of software like data security, agility, operational control, accuracy and efficient point of sale system helps in providing a memorable experience to your customers. Our software reduces the hardware requirements due to its all encompassing attribute. Our retail management software will help your management to boost up the work efficiency and allows you to be configured to generate invoices for corporate clients. It gives a very flexible option for changing prices as and when required and the same is reflected on the POS tills immediately. Moreover FlexiPos supports a multiple grouping characteristic that allows the client to carve up all of the shop’s products into desirable groups or as per their need.

FlexiPos has a very simple and robust management system and offers a wide range of features including easily refunding with authorization, bill cancellation, price override and barcode reading ability, repeat function attribute, suspend resume function and is also capable of overriding and scanning of items on SKU/PLU/EAN. Multiple currency adaptability with no sale function attribute makes its exclusive software in its own way. Other Extensive features includes Locking/unlocking feature for security purposes, touch screen for easier and fast billing, precise unite conversion to avoid any inconsistency during sale User-friendly screens with big fonts for important figures like, Total, Subtotal, Quantity. Multiple groupings like Product Type, Product Codes and Number plays a vital role in enhancing the business growth effectively and efficiently.

Make a smart choice by opting for our FlexiPos software services to make your Gift / Souvenir Shop more special and memorable for your customers by providing devoted, obliging and fast supportive services by removing all the hurdles .Our software provides exceptionally helpful services and leaves no stone unturned in providing the incredibly beneficial services to the user with its remarkable range of features and attributes. Please feel free to contact our team for more information.